Helmut Roewer

Helmut Roewer
Helmut Roewer, born 1982 in Germany. My mother is German and my father is New Zealander. In May 2019 I married my South Korean, the woman and true love of my life. In July 2021 our daughter Ayun got born. Before I lived and worked in Taiwan as engineer for a year. Currently I live in Switzerland, where I am working as Senior Technical Consultant in Nonwoven and Spinning sector. Frequently business journeys belong to my personality as well as to my job.

Soft Skills

My former employers certified me the following soft skills:

  • High willingness to travel, especially to Far East Asia
  • Strong in intercultural communication
  • Projects were clearly recorded thanks to a scientific approach and good documentation
  • Quick on the uptake, gets a handle on complex situations quickly and recognisse the essentials
  • Works in an analytical and systematic way
  • Thrives on continuous learning
  • Always identifies completely with his tasks and takes full responsibility
  • Utterly reliable and loyal
  • Team orientated

What spurs me on

  • Communication and work together with customers and suppliers especially from different cultures

hobbies and interests

photography, travelling, art, hiking and city life